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Move In or Move Out Residential Cleaning Service


Move In or Move Out Residential Cleaning Service

At Coldren’s Cleaning Crew, we are happy to come out for houses, condominiums, apartments, and also mobile homes. With over 600 homes of cleaning experience, we are sure to have things “turnkey ready” or to provide that comfort in knowing that everything is clean before you start putting your dishes and clothing away, and the baby’s feet down on the floors.

Coldren’s Cleaning Crew is used by many of the local realtor and property management companies to get things ready to go. Our whole house, moving in and out deep clean, works best with an empty, or almost empty house.

Our focus is from the ceiling fans, the walls, right down to the baseboards and floors, reachable inside windows and blinds including the inside crevices,  so potential buyers and tenants have a clean area. (We reserve the Right to Not Clean Aluminum Blinds due to their fragile and easily bendable condition).

The kitchen shelves, cabinets, doors, and moldings are all cleaned including up top where the fake plants and plastic lids often go. Inside and on top of the stove is cleaned plus it’s pulled out as far as the gas line allows, so we can clean behind it.

Bathroom light fixtures and medicine cabinets are cleaned. Tubs, toilets, glass walls, and air vents are cleaned. The garage and rear patio are swept out of dirt and dust, along with the front and security door are washed.

Our goal is after we’re done, you won’t need a spray bottle or rag, because we’ve already cleaned it.

To finish off, you’ll be  the one inspecting our work to assure your satisfaction before we’re paid.

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